Le Studio Lissac

Exclusive taylor made concept

In 2011 Lissac wants to develop his “tailor made” offer and they decide to collabore with Damien Fourgeaud, to propose to their clients a talented French Designer, who design their own exclusive frame on appointment: Le Studio Lissac (ex Mezzanine de Lissac).

DF take care of clients, VIP, and celebrities in Paris, to design their own tailor made frame (optic and sunglasses). From today 800 tailor made frames have been created and are visible on the Studio Lissac’s FB page. DF is managing also the in house website to create tailor made frames for the Lissac shops in all the France.

In February 2016 the Studio lissac get the label Origine France Garanti (OFG).



  • Concept manager
  • Artistique Director
  • Design 2D
  • 3D modeling
  • Technical drawings
  • 3D printed prototypes
  • Appointments
  • Back office management