Optics & sunglasses

Well aware of the growing respect of the environment, our goal is to offer a product as nature-friendly as possible.

That’s why ORIGINeyes has been innovating and developing natural eyeframes through the years.

Our offer resides in four types of series made of :

– Wood that has the advantage of being light and stiff.

– Horn that conveys the most elegant designs and offers user-friendliness.

– Horn & Wood with our new collection called “WoorN” which associates the beauty of wood on the front and the comfort of the horn on the temples and the bridge,

– Horn & Leather with our latest new collection called “Limited Series” which combines the comfort of horn for the front face and the elegance of python’s leather on the temples.

Choosing one of our products means :

– Being “Naturaly Unique” since the textures and patterns of horns and wood are genuinely different for each frame and,
– The guarantee to have a product with an original design done by the reputed designer Damien Fourgeaud.


  • Direction artistique
  • Signature Impact
  • Design 2D
  • Design 3D
  • Prototypage impression 3D
  • Managing collections since 2012